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  • Sold
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    2233 Drew Valley Road

    Brookhaven, Georgia 30319


    • Bed3
    • Bath3
    • TypeSingle Family Home
  • Sold
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    1612 Danbury Parc Place

    Brookhaven, Georgia 30319


    Rare, well-cared for basement in Hot Danbury Parc, Brookhaven! This one sports an upgraded Chef’s kitchen with large center island, stainless Kitchen-aid appliances, including...

    • Bed4
    • Bath3.5
    • Sq Ft3,233
    • TypeSingle Family Home
  • Sold
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    245 Farmbrooke Court

    Atlanta, Georgia 30350


    • Bed5
    • Bath6
    • Sq Ft5,782
    • TypeSingle Family Home
  • Sold
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    5047 Nesbit Ferry Lane

    Sandy Springs, Georgia 30350


    • Bed5
    • Bath6
    • TypeSingle Family Home
  • Sold
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    3780 Kentwood Court

    Suwanee, Georgia 30024


    • Bed4
    • Bath3.5
    • CommunityThe Paddocks
    • TypeSingle Family Home